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Whilst Social Distancing restrictions are in place these instructions are likely to change. Please re-visit this page and our T&C's below to see updates.Our full joining instructions and "T&C's" along with other documents can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, here are some key items for your assistance.
  • Initial entry should be via the Platform door. Further details are provided in the Joining Instructions.
  • The Lane has  shared usage, please do not speed and take due care and attention whilst driving along it.
  • Parking is only permitted on the lane, please do not obstruct the fire exits. Please don't park on the grass or in the railway car park.
  • Key Safe houses the rest of the keys for Station House and is located in the kitchen above the fire extinguishers. Please be aware that doors will open from the inside even when locked due to fire regulations. Don't get locked out!
  • Departure at the end of your occupation please ensure - All windows and doors are shut. All electrical items are switched off other than storage heaters, fridges and freezers that should be left on. The house is clean and tidy for the next residents and there are no live embers in the fireplaces. Please ensure you turn off the hot water heater on the kitchen windowsill before you leave.  Please sign off the Redmire Cleaning Schedule, a copy can be found in a file on the shelf by the key safe in the kitchen.
  • Boots and Shoes please ensure that outside shoes are not worn in the premises. There is a shelving unit by the washroom entrance for outdoor shoes, please ensure that shoes do not block the fire exits.
  • Food and Drink not to be taken upstairs, please leave it in the kitchen.
  • Sleeping facilities Station House has four bedrooms upstairs that accommodate 20 people in single bunk beds. There are two rooms which sleep 7 people and two further rooms that sleep 4 and 2. Residents need to bring their own sleeping bags / linen, pillows, and towels to the premises.
  • Cleaning we require residents keep the premises in good order and leave them in the condition they would like to arrive. All floors, surfaces, wash room facilities, bedroom furniture and fireplace must be fully cleaned. There is a "Henry" and colour coordinated mop and buckets (for each type of hard floor) but you should bring your own household cleaning products and materials.
  • Fires It's your responsibility to bring adequate wood or coal for your stay. Please feel free to make use of the open fires but remember that children especially will not be familiar with open fires and should be supervised. Also remember that fires and associated equipment is hot, please don't burn yourself, others or the carpets or furniture.
  • Rubbish We encourage you to use the recycling area in Redmire village even though it is a bit hidden. The area is located at the end of Church Lane, take the main road through the village heading south and as you approach the edge of the village Church Lane is on the left. Follow it to the end into what looks like a deserted farmyard and the recycling area is the far left.

    There are 2 large 'wheelie' bins for any waste that can't be recycled. These are collected fortnightly. Please collect one from the end of the lane, where you came in and return it at the end of your stay. Collection day is currently Tuesday so we would ask that if you are on a Monday to Friday stay you ensure both wheelie bins are at the lane end early Tuesday morning (exact dates can be found on our bookings calendar). We can’t guarantee that there will be space in the wheelie bins so please be prepared to take anything that can't be recycled home with you. Please don’t leave black bags outside or they will be attacked by the local wildlife.
  • TV, WIFI and Mobile The premises do not hold its own TV Licence nor does it have WIFI. Mobile signal is generally quite good in Station House depending on the operator.
  • Trainline please ensure that you keep off the railway tracks, they are still in use. The platform outside the barriers is part of the Wensleydale Railway and is therefore out of bounds except when alighting a train. Similarly, people using the service will enter and exit via the car park at the side of the premises and should not climb over the protective fence. We have an excellent relationship with the Railway and a ride on the train is an interesting way of seeing the local countryside.
  • First Aid Kit please bring your own, there are none on the premises.

Information Sheets

Medical Assistance

Please be aware, the nearest A&E department is 20 miles away.

Darlington Memorial Hospital
Hollyhurst Road
County Durham
Tel:01325 380100

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