Outside and Grounds

The outside areas of station house are detailed below. Most of the perimeter is fenced or walled as shown with the exception where Station House meets the road. A substantial fence separates the railway property across the entire border, and this must not be crossed.

The upper lawn is a few feet above the rest of the grounds and nicely surrounded by walls and trees to stop it being too exposed. It's a nice flat lawn the best for camping or outdoor activities. It measures approximately 12m x 8m and is only accessed from the lower lawn.

The lower lawn is directly next to the games room and can be accessed by the door at the end of the
games room. There is a slabbed area for seating and a gate to the road. It's a functional area for activities,
and camping if the upper lawn is in use. The lower lawn measures 13m x 10m approximately. To the side of the games room there are additional seats/tables and a BBQ.

The campfire circle is a larger irregular shaped area of 20m by 18m at maximum. This area is ideal for
campfires and activities. However, the ground is not suitable for pitching tents here. Please keep away from the stone building. Do not park on the road adjacent to the campfire circle.

Downstairs Layout

The downstairs layout of Station House.

The kitchen is equipped for groups of 20 people and has a standard four hob oven (the additional two hobs shown are no longer in use). There is also a range of standard and catering sized pans and other utilities. An abundance of plates, bowls and knives and forks are available. You will need to bring your own tea towels.

The games room is the largest inside area at Station House and has several activities to keep children and adults entertained, especially on wet evenings. The facilities on offer during your stay may vary from time depending on the items available.

Station House has two showers, three toilets and a washroom with three washbasins. This area has an external door.

The living room has an open fire and several settees. The living room is a comfortable space and works as a leaders room or somewhere to slow down after a busy day. 

The dining room is the hub of downstairs and has doors to the other rooms. It has two large trestle tables and adequate chairs.

The utility room or platform room as it is also known as it has a door to Station House side of the platform area. The utility room was formerly the passenger waiting room, but it now houses several fridges, microwaves and storage areas.

Upstairs Layout

The upstairs layout of Station House. All the bedrooms have been named after people or families who's contributions have made Station House what it is today.

The Thompson Room overlooks the road and has a pair of bunks to sleep four people.

The Carter Room is the smallest bedroom with a single bunk to sleep two people. This room has views across the valley.

The Brown Room is one of two dormitories that sleep seven people in three bunks and a single bed. The Brown Room overlooks the valley.

The Knight Room has three bunks and a single bed to sleep seven people. The Knight Room overlooks the road.

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